News Channel 5 Interview

Yolanda Ramos sits down with Idealstream to share her story. She elaborates on her years of work with Vida! and Metro Health.

Alysha Ellis has been working with Jumpstart for over a year. She had the opportunity to sit down with them and share her experience as an entrepreneur. 

Promoting Health in Food Deserts 

Chef Ramos sits down with Idealstream

See how Freshly Rooted has been able to help impact the Latino community through food. News Channel 5 sits down with Chef Ramos and talks details. 

In The News! 

Alysha sits down with Jumpstart

Learn about Northeast, Ohio ability to develop a sustainable model for food access and see how the Freshly Rooted has been involved. 

Live Webinar with the Food Trust

The Freshly Rooted team has partnered with Metro Health to end the Food Desert epidemic on Cleveland's near Westside. 

Alysha and Chef Ramos sit down to talk about their work to raise food access awareness in our region. Check out the documentary they participated in. 

Raising Food Access

"Thus far we have been able to help individuals on their path to health and wellness. Our goal is to scale up and have that impact reflect into community transformation" 

- Alysha Ellis Co-Founder